Sean sonderegger's magically inclined


6.20.2016/ Live at NuBlu, NYC, NY




6.19.2015/ Skirl Records Party, Jalopy Theatre, Brooklyn, NY w/ Kamala Sankaram on Vocals


4.13.2013 / Live at Sycamore Brooklyn,NY

Sean Sonderegger - bass & contrabass clarinet, tenor saxophone, compositions Areni Agbabian - vocals Harvey Valdes - guitar Greg Chudzik - bass, composition on The Visit Joe Hertenstein - drums

Sean Sonderegger's Composition 36 performed by loadbang at Wesleyan University December 9th, 2013

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Interviews and Reviews!

Here's a fun interview I just did with Veronica Newton of Free Radio Brooklyn!

Here's a great review of Eat the Air by Gregory Applegate Edwards!